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Friends Only [05.12.09
Tue [12:41 PM]

I'm a friends only lj now, because of the mistakes of many people. I will add just about anyone who asks, so feel free to. I'm not making all of my past entries friends only, because if you wanna know more about who I am, I think you should be allowed to take a look. Friends who don't have a livejournal, I'm sorry this has made your life a little more difficult. Please get an LJ! ^.^
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First batch of Wedding Pictures! [10.18.07
Thu [4:57 PM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello!!! I know you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for me to post pictures!!! Well, most likely not. But a friend of mine, Angel sent me a lot of pictures from the reception. And my camera that Patrick was using to take pictures, I've finally found the cord for it. I still don't have my computer so all of these pictures are full size. We also have some movies from when we were honeymooning in Japan. Soooo, on with the show!

If you'd rather just look at all the pictures and not hear my story about them, just go here. There aren't thumbnails so you'll just be clicking blindly.

So I had been stressing about the wedding like crazy, but of course it didn't matter in the long run. There were a few things I wasn't happy about since I had to leave someone else in charge of the decorations. But in the long run it really didn't matter. I got dressed with Caitlin, my mom and Corey at my house first. Then we went to the church in the side room and got ready right before the wedding.
- Before Wedding 1
- Before Wedding 2
- Before Wedding 3 (My mommy & me)
- Before Wedding 4

So I was in a side room hidden from Daniel, but I could look through a small window to watch as he walked the moms down the isle. Gosh I think he looked so handsome. ^.^
- Daniel's Mom
- My Mom

Everyone waiting for me. ^.^
- Jon, Daniel, Mark
- Daniel and Mark
- My girls, Corey and Caitlin

Now I didn't want to have a specifically 'normal' wedding. I needed to lighten the mood. So I got Jon (The one one stage with the hat) to quote Princess Bride. If you've seen the movie, I don't even need to mention what he says. Scott, who is the one on my right in this picture has always been like a father to me. He walked me down the isle, and after jon did his little 'speech' he also was the pastor.
- Me, Scott and Jon
- Scott saying 'Her mother and I do"
- My mommy agreeing
- Daniel and my back, amazing

Next few pictures are of me and Daniel saying stuff... but of course you can't see that since it's just a picture. :P
- Getting Married 1
- Getting Married 2
- Getting Married 3 (haha, I love our facial expressions on this one)

These are just a few pictures Angel shot right after the wedding.
- w00t! Angel got me a gift!
- Caitlin and Cody (Look at that awesome bouquet, how cool is that)
- Tommy, Cody, Jorge

Now the ceremony was done at my home church on the island. And I wanted to have a little get together with my friends at my favorite food place on the island Mr. Nings! It's the islands only chinese food resturant. So we fit 30 people in there, no idea how, and had a great time!
- Reception Pic; Cody, Jorge, Dan
- Reception Pic; My mom and me
- Reception Pic; showing off my clevage!
- Reception Pic; awesome picture of Patrick and me

I had a cupcake cake, reason being it was easier. And I wanted a wheat free part of the cake, but my mom said we should have normal cake for everyone else. So we made cupcakes so everyone could be happy. There ended up being like 5 people who needed the wheat free one anyway, so everything was awesome.
- Cutting the Cupcakes
- One Cupcake stands alone
- Yay! Wheat free cupcakes!
- Getting the paper off of them
- Eating of the cupcakes 1
- Eating of the cupcakes 2
- Trying to get cupcake out of my nose
- My mom and a wheat free cupcake

So here are so more random reception shot, friends and the like making fools out of themselves. ^.^
- Caitlin and Andrew
- The very random table
- Um... yeah. Andrew, Tony, Scott

Pictures of myself with my friends! ^.^
- Tony and Me
- My bro Andrew and Me
- Angel and Me
- Angel, Tommy, Dann, and Me
- Marianne, Christie, Corey, and Me (Look at that crazy cleavage!)
- Cody and me being crazy (I love this picture)

Of course course, all the cute picture of me and Daniel. Since they had plastic glasses they couldn't hit them to make us kiss. So we had this awesome gong that people would hit and he'd have to kiss. Lots of And some pictures of us toasting together.
- Awwww, He's so cute!!!
- Awww, we are going to kiss
- That's actually a really awesome picture!
- Trying to figure out this toasting thing
- I'm glad it wasn't alcoholic!
- Trying it again for pictures
- Making out! haha
- Finally getting the toasting thing down!

We went outside of the resturant to throw the bouquet, but they decided they would want to stand in the street... no pictures of them actually catching it, but me standing on a bench about to throw it. And since I didn't have a garder, daniel throw a boquet at well! Only Dan and Patrick went out to get it through.
- Getting ready to throw it!
- Just about ready!
- Daniel's ready to throw
- Fight to the death!
- My girls and me, I didn't throw my real boquet!
- Andrew and Daniel
- Cody, me and Jorge

And that is it for wedding pictures. I had a few friends take some awesome pictures but they haven't sent me them yet. So I'll be making a few more posts most likely. I might open up my pbase account again and post them there. Who knows. I'll be making a Japan post once I get all these movies online.

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Wanna be apart of the wedding? [10.04.07
Thu [3:37 PM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well things didn't work out the way we wanted. But we will have yahoo messenger for video and skype for audio. Skype does video, but it doesn't do it for a large group of people. Sooo if you have both, please join us. In the next couple of days add our name and we will be adding you back. Please do it before the wedding so we don't get a million requests. The wedding starts Saturday at 1:00PM Pacific Time.

Yahoo - dan_and_gabby
Skype - dan_and_gabby

A friend of mine at the teencenter will be manning the computer while it's going on. If you have any well wishes or wanna send us an email after the wedding send it to the account and we will make sure to read it after the honeymoon. ^.^

If you have any questions or can't connect to me, just send me a quick comment on her today and friday and I'll try to get back to you. No promises I'll get to you Saturday.

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OMG!! 2007 Review! [06.29.07
Fri [11:56 AM]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sorry it's been so long. But I've had better things to spend my time with, like Daniel! It's been so great, he's had more days off lately then I remember him having off in months and months. He makes me happy.

Anywho, on with the rants, review, and other random bits.Collapse )

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Fri [2:14 PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm gabby, and I've traveled to japan twice. Once for 5 months in 2003-04, and once for 2 months in 2005. All of this has been bought while I was there, and lugged back to the states in my suitcase. I'm hoping that I'll find some people who might like my junk!

Some of my images are fuzzy, my $30 camera doesn't always take great pictures. But if you are interested in an item and would like a better picture before you buy it, I'll see what I can do. ^.^

Rules & Information!
- Looking for only serious buyers, if you don't have the money then don't ask to buy something!
- I only accept paypal! No if, ands, or buts!
- Shipping will be decided when you tell where you are from and I figure the weight of the package. No need for you to pay more then is needed.
- I only ship to US Addresses, unless I'm feeling nice. ^.^
- I do allow you to buy more then one item and ship them together to the same address.
- Comments are screened, so if you are interested in buying something comment your address, and what items you'd like and I'll send you my paypal information and total for items.
- First come first serve, if there is someone who wants to buy something and leaves me their information before you, they get first dibs. If they are unable to pay, or something happens, the next person in line will get a chance.
- All sales are final!

Remember! All written text and spoken word on Manga, Artbooks, DS Games, and anything else is in Japanese!

[Items currently on hold are for people who have serious interest in items, and will be paying before Monday, June 4th. If they do not, then the items will be back on the market for everyone else to buy. ^.^]

On with the junk! ^.^Collapse )
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Ever had a crush on me? [03.08.07
Thu [12:04 AM]
[ mood | amused ]

Thought I'd give this a try and see what happens :P

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

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Rest in Peace dear friend... [12.07.06
Thu [10:33 AM]
[ mood | crushed ]

This is a serious entry, full of a lot of pain and sadness. A hero of mine was found dead yesterday after doing everything he could to save his family. James Kim, of Tech TV fame as well as CNet, and his family were driving and got lost in the snow. After many many days without food, he decided to find help for his family. They soon found his family, their two daughters and his wife. But James was still missing, and after 4 days they found his body 8 miles away, going in a large circle coming back towards his family.

Now, I've never met this man. Back when I was in high school, I used to watch Tech TV every day. It was all I ever watched as I was growing into the geek I wanted to be. I remember seeing him often, and mentioning to many friends at school how cute he was. I looked forward to his spots on the channel, and learned tons from him. He was an inspiration and a hero to me in so many ways. When Tech TV went off air, I knew I'd miss him. I heard later he started working at Cnet doing a podcast for them, but I actually only saw one or two of them.

James Kim is someone that touched my life without ever actually meeting the man. The moment I heard about his disappearance, I checked news websites, and anything I could for more news everyday. Family had a website set up for up to date news, and I checked it 3 to 4 times a day hoping for good news. When his family was found but not him, I prayed even more hoping they'd find him soon enough to save him. But I know that he died searching for help for his family, he did everything he could. You couldn't ask for a better man then that.

It almost feels like I lost a family member, or someone who was very close to me. I'm sure that seems really odd to some of you, but it's really hitting me hard. I've never lost someone that I was really close with. I've never really cried after hearing the death of someone like I have for him. Tech TV in general was a big family, and even though all I ever did was watch it, I felt apart of that family. I can't even imagine how hard it is for people who worked with him, or were actually apart of his family, my heart goes out to them.

If any of you used to watch Tech TV, or know who James Kim was, you should go to CNet's memorial for James and write something nice about him. It's got a lot of information on him there, as well as episodes from the podcast he used to be apart of.

James, you will always be a hero to me.

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Pictures!!! ^.^ [10.09.06
Mon [1:00 PM]
[ mood | sick ]

Well I said I'd post pictures once I got them on my computer, but I lied. I've had these on here for about 2 days now... the problem was that the internet is so slow here... it took 2 days just to upload them. Yeah... holy crap. But! Now I have pictures for all of you to enjoy! These will be taken off friends filter because some of you wanna see it who aren't my lj friends. Also, I will be posting some pictures under LJ cut, and some linking. I just would rather do it that way. ^.^

I'm going to try and do this by date, so for all of you who wanted pictures of me and Daniel. There are only 2! haha, sucks to be you. Also for people who aren't my lj friends, who just got linked here, or use myspace some of the links to past journals won't work unless you are a friend on lj. So either you have to search through myspace for the links, or tough cookies.

Anyway! on with the show!Collapse )In other news... I'm sick again! ha... isn't that interesting. Aleck, the leader of the school was getting sick and spent the whole weekend trying to get better. While yesterday I started to feel it and now I've got a cold. The whole sore throat, stuffy nose, head pressure, that is just so much fun. Man, I don't think I've ever had this many health problems at once. x.x

Until next time! ^.^

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Where in the world am I? [03.20.06
Mon [12:21 PM]
[ mood | creative ]

Well, most of you know... I'm in Switzerland. ^.^ I haven't made a public post in a while but I thought for those who don't have an LJ and randomly wander to my site, might wonder what I'm up to. I have been traveling a lot lately so it is a little hard to keep tabs on me. But I am currently back in Burtigny, which is a small village about a half an hour drive from Geneva. I'm back here as an intern, currently working on websites for people who need it. I'll only be here until the end of April, where I'll be back in the states making the rounds to see people I haven't seen in a while, mostly in California.

For all of you who have an LJ and know all of this already, I have pictures! No, not pictures of me. I'm working on tearing apart an old website that used to be this bases site. It's so messy, but worth a look. They have so many great images that they don't have the originals for... I hate when people do that. Anyway... if you ever wanted to know what my daily life is like while I'm here... take a look under the cut. These pictures weren't taken by me, and most of them were taking in the spring time. There is still a little snow on the ground here currently, but not much.

Where the heck is Burtigny?Collapse )

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More pictures!! [12.11.05
Sun [5:34 PM]
Yes, I took more pictures. I haven't shown off my new geeky shirts from Think Geek yet. So I thought I would. I almost made a few more icons!!

Isn't that spiffy? No animated one yet, I'm to lazy to make flash stuff. But there are more where that came from!

Geeky Girl!!Collapse )

Currently I've entered two of those pictures showing my geek shirts off at Think Geek. That would be pretty cool to be on their page. ^.^

In other news, I'm majorly pissed off. I tried to fix my mood icons but they won't be fixed. No matter what I do! Sooo I made a complaint to the LJ people, and decided to start all over. So for the time being we have gone back to Sailor Mars. But Sorata and Arashi will be back.

I might also be getting another Arashi and Sorata layout! I joined robotsex randomly while looking for good icon journals and hydrogen asked if anyone wanted a new layout made for them. Heck, I can't say no to that! ^.^

And yeah... that's life.
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A Christmas Card! [12.02.05
Fri [3:29 PM]
[ mood | relieved ]

So it's finally friday. Thank God. With it being friday that means it's project time. We are going to pretty soon actually. Anyway, our Flash project was a christmas card. So I threw something together and just finished a few hours ago.

To see it make sure you have a Flash Player on your computer, most of them have it nowadays. It's interactive, so you can go over it with your mouse and the different points will turn colors. The dots that don't change color, is the ones you click. Just get that straight... lol. It can get a little confusing when you go over it with your mouse a lot. But just make sure you know which ones you can click. There are 9 places you can click... I think. ^.^

Anyway, have fun... it was a pain in the ass to create. ^.^

A Christmas Card to my Online Friends

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w00t, watch my video!! [11.10.05
Thu [5:22 PM]
[ mood | amused ]

Yes, amazing as it is I got my 1:30 minute movie down to 4MBs. It's horrible quality, but I don't mind. At least you can see my work, my use of the awesome opening theme of Gantz, and my classmates.

It's an MP4 piece, that will download straight on to your computer from this link. Please only do it once because I don't have tons of bandwith. Lots of love!

School of Digital Communication Intros

If it doesn't work, go download Quicktime.
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12 Babes of Christmas Results! [11.01.05
Tue [12:01 PM]
[ mood | giggly ]

Heck, I knew I wouldn't win. But I did it because a lot of my friends though it would be a good idea. It was a lot of fun actually. And I bet if I wasn't wearing a shirt it would have helped my score a whole lot. haha, but I decided to see what kinda votes I'd get with a shirt on. And hey, I didn't do to bad. Here is what I got in my email this morning.

"Thanks for participating in the 2005 Babes of Xmas reikamada!!! You received 75 total votes from 27 individual users and ranked 127 out of 277."

27 people voted for me!? I'm so amazed! I feel so loved. Ranking I didn't do to good, but I did better then 150 other girls that were in there. *shrug*... but thanks to all who voted for me. I know those 27 individuals weren't only my friends, so yay for them too. ^.^ I'm really flattered, thanks again.

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Taken from a friend... [10.17.05
Mon [7:51 PM]
Everyone tell me a secret! Be anonymous if you need or want to. =)
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12 Babes of Christmas! [10.16.05
Sun [1:09 PM]
[ mood | curious ]

12 Babes of Christmas!!

Well it's finally time. You guys were the ones who voted for me in the begining to make sure I knew I should try it. So now the actual voting has started. I'm not going to be write about this much on my lj, just maybe a few reminders once in a while. The voting started yesterday, and runs until the end of the month. So if you really want me to do this thing, you better vote for me. ^.^

You actually get 12 votes, and you can vote for different girls for every vote, or the same. It doesn't matter. There are a lot of hot girls running this year, so I'm not expecting to win, but I would like a few votes from you guys since you were the ones who said I should do this anyway. ^.^

There are 6 pages full of girls, and yes many of them have naked pictures. No, I'm not one of them. haha, so don't get your hopes up. I'm on page 4, down near the bottom. Under the SN reikamada.

Happy Voting!
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